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Announcing FreePoll Online!

Today, we're happy to announce the launch of FreePoll Online - a better way for groups to make decisions!

Another online poll service? Why?

Online polling services have been around since the 1990s - why make another?

While trying to organize an indecisive group of friends on Friday night, I found that there wasn't yet a poll service that

FreePoll Online finally solves that problem!

Mobile Optimized

Using a combination of modern web technologies and great UI/UX design, FreePoll Online is the fastest, easiest, most mobile-friendly way to create a ranked poll!

Preferrential Voting

By using a modern voting algorithm (the Shultze Method), FreePoll Online ensures that the preferences of all voters are considered in the results.

Totally Free and Unobtrusive

FreePoll Online is totally free! Even better, there are no obnoxious ads, no nagging, and no sign up required. Just use it and enjoy it!

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FreePoll Online - The Best Free Online Poll Creator!

FreePoll Online is the easiest, fastest way to create a smart online poll for free!

It's a great way for groups to decide..

FreePoll Online uses an intelligent algorithm to make sure that the preferences of all the voters are considered, giving you the most useful survey result!

It's great for groups of friends, companies, teams - basically any group of people who need to decide what they want! Event better, it works great on mobile phones!

Best of all, it's totally free! No sign-up, no ads, no cost. Enjoy!